CyberCrunch® Frequently Asked Questions

CyberCrunch® provides individualized quotes for business customers. Please contact us for a free quote. Residential customers are serviced through our residential collection events only. A list of residential collection events can be found here.
Responsible recycling isn’t free. Electronics contain lead, mercury, and other toxins. The cost to responsibly recycle electronics far exceed the precious metal recovery costs. Companies offering free recycling should be approached with caution. Learn more about the dangers of free computer recycling here.
All hard drives are wiped, shredded or magnetically degaussed. If your business has specific data destruction needs please contact us for more information.
No, but we do buy bulk (50+ units) laptops, tablets, desktops and cell phones that are 3 years old or newer. Learn more about our ITAD services.
Yes, we accept TVs from commercial customers. Residential customers should check our event calendar (only select events accept TVs) or contact their local municipality. Commercial customers can contact us for a free quote.
Commercial and municipal drop-offs are welcome by appointment only. Residential customers are welcome at our collection events.
Sorry, CyberCrunch® does not provide residential pickup services. Please see our event calendar or contact your local municipality.
A complete list of items we accept from commercial customers can be found on our accepted item list. Residential customers should reference the event calendar.
Probably not. We sell exclusively to audited and certified facilities in the United States.

Yes, we have HIPAA compliant data destruction services. Simply contact us for a free quote.

“Cathode Ray Tube” The technology used in old style computer monitors and TVs.
We do accept Freon appliances from commercial customers. Contact us for a free quote. Residential customers should reference the residential events calendar.
CyberCrunch® provides nationwide mail-back data destruction and recycling services. For more information visit our mail-back site.